1. Description
  2. Usage
    1. Apply to All Forms
    2. Apply to Specific Form (by form ID)
  3. Parameters
    1. Full $args Properties
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Filter all of the properties that will be used to initialize the GP Page Transitions JS functionality.


Apply to All Forms

add_filter( 'gppt_script_args', 'your_function_name', 10, 3 );

Apply to Specific Form (by form ID)

// format: gppt_script_args_{formId}
add_filter( 'gppt_script_args_7', 'your_function_name', 10, 3 );


  • $args array

    An array of properties that will be used to initialize the GP Page Transitions JS functionality. See $args section below for a full list of $args properties.

  • $form Form object

    The current form object.

Full $args Properties

  • formId int

    Current form ID.

  • enablePageTransitions bool

    Flag indicating whether page transitions are enabled.

  • enableAutoProgress bool

    Flag indicating whether auto-progression is enabled.

  • hideNextButton bool

    Flag indicating whether next button should be hidden.

  • hidePrevButton bool

    Flag indicating whether previous button should be hidden.

  • enableSoftValidation bool

    Flag indicating whether soft validation is enabled.

  • validationSelectors array [

    An array of validation selector objects which control which inputs are validated and how.

    • id int

      Field ID of the selector.

    • selectors array

      An array of selector strings (i.e. ‘#input_1_2’).

    • relation string

      Specifies how the validation should be applied. Should ‘all’ selectors have a value or does validation pass if ‘any’ selector has a value?

    • validationMessage string

      Message to be displayed if field fails validation.


  • validationClass string

    Class(es) to be applied to the field container when a field fails validation.

  • validationMessageContainer string

    Markup that will wrap the validation message. Must include “{0}” wherever the message should be included in the markup.

  • submission array [

    The result of the submission. Used to reset the state of the GPPageTransitions JS object after a submission.

    • hasError bool

      Flag indicating whether the submission has an error.

    • sourcePage int

      Page number from which the form was submitted.

    • errorPage int

      Page number on which the first field with an error resides.


  • pagination array [

    An array of properties specific to how the form’s pagination is configured.

    • type string

      The pagination type of the current form.

    • startAtZero bool

      Flag indicating whether or not the progress bar should start at zero and only show 100% on the confirmation page.

    • pageCount int

      The total number of pages on the current form.

    • progressIndicators array

      An array of the progress indicator markup (progress bar or steps) for each page of the form. This is only used if ‘gppt_is_custom_pagination’ filter is configured to return true.

    • pages array

      An array of page names specified for the current form.

    • isCustom bool

      Flag indicating whether or not the progress indicators are custom or standard.

    • labels array

      An array of labels used to recreate Gravity Forms’ standard page verbiage.


  • transitionSettings array

    An array of parameters specific to Swiper. See Swiper parameters for more information.

Source Code

This filter is located in GP_Page_Transitions::pre_render() in class-gp-page-transitions.php.


This filter is available since GP Page Transitions 1.0.