Gravity Forms Limit Choices

Limit how many times each choice on a multi-choice field may be selected.

What does it do?

This plugin allows you to limit how many times each choice on a choice-based field may be selected (e.g. Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Drop Downs, etc). Exhausted choices are automatically removed to prevent users from being able to select the choice for future entries.


  • Apply limits to all choice field types.
    Supports Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Drop Downs, and Multi Selects.
  • User-friendly back end controls.
    Enable limits with a single click. Apply limits to choices with ease.
  • Customizable to meet your needs.
    Disable exhausted choices, display spots left, and more with powerful filters.
  • Supports Product and Option fields.
    Effortlessly limit choice-based Product and Option fields.
  • Automatic updates.
    Get updates and the latest features right in your dashboard.
  • Awesome support.
    We’re here to help! And we mean it.

How do I enable this functionality?

After installing and activating Gravity Forms Limit Choices, limits become available in any supported choice-based field. Let’s step through that process.

Add any choice-based field, such as a Drop Down, to your form.
Open the field’s settings and check enable limits above the choices section.
For each choice, specify a limit (as an integer) for how many times that choice should be able to be selected. Leave the limit blank for choices with no limit.

Feature Details

Adjust Limits

If a choice reaches its specified limit it will no longer appear in the field on the front-end. While the choice is visually removed from the front end, it is still editable via the Form Editor so the limit may be adjusted.

The number of choices in the Form Editor represents the total number of choices available and will not update as entries are submitted. Adjustments to the number of available should be set to the maximum number you want to make available. For example, if you initially set the the maximum number to 10, and you want to make 2 more available, set the number to 12.

Product and Option Fields

If a limit is applied to choices in a Product or Option field and there is a Quantity field associated with that Product field, the quantity ordered will be counted towards the limit.

Limit Choices with quantities

Conditional Logic

The remaining number of choices left can be used to trigger conditional logic. Once limits are enabled for a field, the (Remaining) condition becomes available in the field drop down within the conditional logic rules. Use this to show or hide a field if the number of remaining choices is above or below a certain level.


Can I display the number of choices left?

GP Inventory supports showing the number of remaining spots left without requiring a snippet.

To display how many spots are left in the choice label, use the snippet below.

How do I disable exhausted choices rather than remove them?

If you would like to disable rather than remove exhausted choices, use the gplc_remove_choices hook.

How about not disabling exhausted choices at all?

If you don’t want to disable exhausted choices for any particular reason (like using them for conditional logic), then use the gplc_disable_choices hook.

Can I set a daily limit?

Absolutely. Use this this snippet to reset limits daily.

How can I share limits across multiple fields?

GP Inventory supports sharing limits across multiple fields using Shared Inventory.

To share limits across multiple choice fields, use the following snippet.


Gravity Forms has hundreds of hooks. Check out our Gravity Forms Hook Reference for the most thorough guide to Gravity Forms’ many actions and filters.

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