Troubleshooting the Gravity Perks Licensing API

We’re sorry you’re having an issue validating your license. :(

Typically, these kinds of issues are the result a communication error between your site’s server and our licensing API. With a bit of additional information, we can typically identify the problem and get you up and running quickly!

Provide Logging Information

  1. Follow these instructions from Gravity Forms to enable logging:
  2. Once logging is enabled, access the “Logging” tab and ensure “Enable logging” is checked for “Gravity Perks”. It will default to “and log all messages”.
  3. Return to the Manage Perks page (Forms > Perks) and deactivate your license via the “Deactivate” link in the License Toolbar.
  4. Re-enter your license key and click “Register License”.
  5. Return to the Gravity Forms Logging page and click the “view log” link under Gravity Perks.
  6. Send us the URL to the log via the support form.