Conditional Confirmations

This snippet provides the ability to specify conditional confirmations in Gravity Forms. Want to redirect users to a different page based on a value they select on the form.

Require All Columns of List Field

When you mark a List field as required, only a single input from any column is required. What if you want every input in every column to be required.

Random Fields with Gravity Forms

This snippet provides an easy way to show a random number of fields on your Gravity Forms. Let’s say you’re using Gravity Forms to power a simple questionnaire.

Display Entry Limit in Sidebar

A user asked me today how it might be possible to use this snippet () in his theme’s sidebar. He wanted to display a site-wide promotion for an event sign up form powered by Gravity Forms.

Conditional Shipping by Form Total

view demo A user on the Gravity Forms Support Forums posted today asking if it were possible to setup a shipping fee that was only applicable if the order total was over a certain amount.

Set a Minimum Order Quantity

Gravity Forms provides the ability to set a minimum per field when using a separate Quantity field but what about a minimum quantity for the entire order.