Dynamically Populating User Role

Use this snippet in conjunction with Gravity Forms dynamic population functionality to populate the current user’s role into any form field.

Better Inventory with Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms does not support the concept of inventory out of the box. This snippet provides an easy method for setting up simple, one-off inventory limits on a per field basis.

Use Gravity Form Merge Tags in Your Post Content

Adds support for Gravity Form merge tags in your post content enabling the use of a single confirmation page for multiple forms, more control over the styling and layout of your confirmation pages, and persistent confirmation pages.

Customizing the Multi-File Merge Tag

A simple way to create custom templates for displaying files uploaded via a Multi-File Upload field. Image files can be displayed as images, video files can be loaded as playable videos, PDFs (and other text file types) can be stylized to indicate the file type. The possibilities are endless.