Better Pre-submission Confirmation

View Demo Are you interested in adding a quick pre-submission confirmation page to your forms where users can preview their entered data before it is submitted.

Use Gravity Form Merge Tags in Your Post Content

Adds support for Gravity Form merge tags in your post content enabling the use of a single confirmation page for multiple forms, more control over the styling and layout of your confirmation pages, and persistent confirmation pages.

Require All Columns of List Field

When you mark a List field as required, only a single input from any column is required. What if you want every input in every column to be required.

GP Disable Entry Creation 1.0 Released!

Disabling entry creation has been requested since the dawn of Gravity Forms. True, it is already possible to do this with a little custom code and a Gravity Forms hook or two but why bother with messy code when you can disable entry creation for any form by simply checking a checkbox in your form […].

The New Gravity Wiz

Some History Over two years ago, I took a couple days off from work to put the finishing touches on the first version of this website.