Gravity Perks

A WordPress plugin that allows you to effortlessly install and manage easy-to-use enhancements (aka “perks”) for Gravity Forms.

All licenses require renewal after one calendar year.
Renewal rates are discounted by 30%.
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Wait... what is a "perk"?

Perks are like bonus features for Gravity Forms. They’re small single-purpose plugins designed to be easy to use and integrate seamlessly with Gravity Forms. View the full list of perks below.

What does Gravity Perks do?

Gravity Perks is a platform and delivery system for the "perks". Install Gravity Perks and then activate whichever perks make Gravity Forms more awesome for you. It's like JetPack but specifically for Gravity Forms.

Why buy Gravity Perks?

  • Unlimited Access to Perks

    Buying Gravity Perks grants you access to all perks. That's 20 perks and counting!
    See the full list below!

  • New Perks Regularly

    New perks available through out the year! The best part? These new perks will be based on customer demand.

  • Premium Support

    One of the best perks of your Gravity Perks license is premium support! If you've got a question or problem, get in touch. We are eager to help!

  • Forward Compatibility

    If a perk's functionality is ever rolled into Gravity Forms' core the perk will be updated to automatically convert your existing settings to work with Gravity Forms.

  • Seamless Integration

    Don't waste time learning a new system, Gravity Perks seamlessly integrates with Gravity Forms' existing interfaces.

  • Install and Manage in the Admin

    Install and manage your perks right from the WordPress admin. It's a hassle-free system for managing GF-specific functionality.

  • gp-manage-perks

    Manage perks + easy access to support & documentation

  • gp-install-perks

    Install new perks right from
    the WP Admin

  • gp-field-perk-settings

    Seamless Integration with
    Gravity Forms UI

  • gp-conditional-pricing-multiple-pricing-levels

    Powerful UIs to get the
    job done quickly

  • gp-documentation

    Accessible and helpful documentation

Customer Testimonials

I love Gravity Perks and recommend it to any body looking for solutions to extend Gravity Forms.

Brian Sykes

Thank you very much. Your plugin and support ethic are both exemplary.

Adam Thomson,

Your plugin has saved me days (if not weeks) of what I thought was going to be a hard-coding nightmare.

Damien Doherty,

If you're looking for a way to make your Gravity Forms easier to work with you HAVE to get Gravity Perks. Instead of adding long-winded snippets to your WordPress functions file just install a Gravity Perk and you're done! I've already been able to create forms that I simply couldn't create before. It's now on my "must-have" list of plugins. The support is top class as well. I am one very happy customer.

Keely Worth,

Gravity Perks has been an excellent investment for our department. The features have added highly desirable functionality that is missing from the standard Gravity Forms installation. In addition to the plugin itself, there are many useful tutorials and blogs that will further enhance the user experience. When you read that the you receive Premium Support you can be assured that this is not just hyperbole. David responded quickly to ensure my questions were answered and I feel he went above and beyond what a customer would expect from any business. Gravity Perks is a worthwhile investment for any organization or individual currently using Gravity Forms.

Erik Unger, Assistant Director, Intramural & Club Sports The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

All Available Perks

  • GP Unique ID

    Generate unique IDs (i.e. reference numbers, codes, invoice numbers, etc.) on submission for your Gravity Form entries.

  • GP Disable Entry Creation

    Disable entry creation per form with Gravity Forms.

  • GP Preview Submission

    Add a simple submission preview to allow users to confirm their submission is correct before submitting the form.

  • GP Price Range

    Specify a minimum/maximum price for "User Defined Price" product fields.

  • GP Conditional Pricing

    Create flexible, conditional pricing for your Gravity Form product fields.

  • GP Reload Form

    Reload the form following an AJAX submission. Useful in situations where you would like to allow multiple form submission without refreshing the page.

  • GP Limit Checkboxes

    Limit how many checkboxes can be checked.

  • GP Terms Of Service

    Add a "Terms of Service" field to your forms.

  • GP Conditional Logic Dates

    Allows Date fields to be used in Gravity Forms conditional logic.

  • GP Word Count

    Limit the number of words that can be submitted in a Single Line Text, Paragraph Text and Post Body fields.

  • GP Email Users

    Send a quick email to all users who have submitted a specific form.

  • GP Pay Per Word

    Create products which calculate a total based on the number of words in a Paragraph of Post Body field.

  • GP Placeholder

    Add support for HTML5 placeholders to Gravity Forms.

  • GP Limit Choices

    Limit how many times a choice may be selected for Radio Button and Drop Down fields.

  • GP PayPal One-time Fee

    Add a one-time fee to the first payment of a PayPal Standard subscription.

  • GP Expand Textareas

    Tiny textareas in the form editor can be a challenge! Load form editor textareas in a modal window for easy editing.

  • GP Copy Cat

    Allow users to copy the value of one field to another by clicking a checkbox. Is your shipping address the same as your billing? Copy cat!

  • GP Auto Login

    Automatically log users in after registration.

  • GP Comment Blacklist

    Validate your form against your WordPress comment blacklist.

  • GP Read Only

    Mark your form fields as read-only to allow users to see field data but not modify it.

More features than you can shake a wand at!

All licenses require renewal after one calendar year.
Renewal rates are discounted by 30%.
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